Hey everybody,

spring is finally here! Is is my favourite time of the year and so is spring fashion. Today I share my favourite spring outfit with you. It is perfect for everyday and for travelling. I saw the dress in the Zara sale and fell in love immediately. The pattern and cut are so pretty. Right now suede-effect jackets are so trendy and you can find them in many stores. I found mine in Primark for 30€. These jackets are so versatile and perfect for this time of the year. Moreover they are so easy to style. You just need a dress, jacket, sneakers and a bag. Probably you know this already but white sneakers are my all time favourite shoes. Especially for travelling they are my go to ones. On that day I went shopping in Venice so it was easier to wear a big bag and put everything inside.

XX Patricia



dress by Zara

jacket by Primark

shoes by Adidas (stan smith)

bag by Louis Vuitton (Neverfull MM)





Ciao everybody,
today was the last day of our trip. In the morning I got up early so that I could enjoy the few hours left in Venice. So after I packed my suitcase I walked to Piazza San Marco. 

There is the tower Campanile di San Marco with a great view over Venice. The ticket for the elevator costs 8€. For me this was totally worth it. The tower opens at 9.30am and I recommend to you to come early. I was there at 9.45am and had to wait for around 15min. When I arrived on top of the tower I was mind blown by this beautiful view. You get a 360 degree view and are able to walk around. 

From up there you can take fabulous photos. 

This was my favourite place in Venice and I totally recommend to you to visit the tower. Afterwards we visited Rialto Bridge and the nearby luxury department store in Fondaco dei Tedeschi. 

This building is so beautiful and next to the Canal Grande. Moreover it has a rooftop terrace with a stunning view over the city. 

Venice is a beautiful city but it is even more beautiful from above. In the afternoon we took the train to Munich. I am so thankful that I was able to travel to Paris, Milan and Venice. This time was great and I will never forget it. 
XX Patricia 


Ciao everybody,
this morning I woke up early so that I could take some photos without many people inside. It wasn’t that crowded but there were still many people at the sightseeing sports.

Afterwards we walked around and looked for a bridge where we could take photos.

Following we went to Giardini Pubblici.

This is a beautiful park next to the water. The weather was fabulous so we enjoyed the sun.

 Then we had a beautiful walk along the sea to Piazza San Marco.

There we visited the church. Especially the ceiling is impressive with beautiful golden paintings.

Following we walked to San Polo and visited some shops there.

After dinner in the apartment I walked to the sea to see the sunset.

Sunsets are one of my favourite things and to see one in Venice was on my bucket list. Then I walked to Piazza San Marco again and had a beautiful walk by night along the sea.

I love to walk through a city by night because all the lights make it more special. This was a great day in Venice and tomorrow we are already leaving for Munich.
XX Patricia


Ciao everybody,
today we took the train from Milan to Venice. 

After we arrived in the apartment we spent the rest of the day in the city. Both of us have been in Venice before so we already visited the most important spots. We walked around and had delicious ice cream. 

We visited Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco. 

This area was crowded so it was difficult to take photos.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early to take better photos there. The weather was amazing so we spent some time on a bench next to the water. 

It feels great to sit there and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Afterwards we walked through some streets and visited some shops.


In the evening we cooked and planed our second day. 
XX Patricia